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Introducing the World’s First Frozen Yogurt Robot!

Looking for a franchise opportunity that’s a guaranteed hit with consumers?

For the first time in history, robotic technology meets frozen yogurt franchising! High-tech, robotic vending will quickly outpace less efficient trends in the frozen yogurt industry, making it even easier to access this unique market. With exclusive new pattens, Reis & Irvy’s is at the forefront of this revolution, reinventing the business of frozen yogurt.

This innovative technology is also an entertaining attraction, generating buzz and profits at almost any high traffic location! Requiring only a fraction of the investment, labor, and overhead of a retail storefront, the Reis & Irvy’s frozen yogurt kiosk makes it easy to succeed. Mitigate risk and optimize profits via our tried-and-true infrastructure, while your automated unit practically runs itself. We do the work of securing viable locations in your area, installing your units, and shipping your consumables. You simply re-stock supplies, and the robot does the rest! Join the revolution here!


Building on a long-standing practice of creative franchising, we are industry leaders in high-tech, automated vending. Innovative, progressive, socially responsible business operations have fueled the success of our company, as well as its franchisees. From the development of our robotic vending technologies, right down to the unique and engaging features of our Froyo Robots, such as our featured animated short (below) which is played during every froyo purchase on a high-resolution monitor for customers to enjoy, Reis & Irvy’s truly brings the future of robotic technology to the fun and excitement of frozen treats!

  • Small Footprint
  • No Labor Costs
  • Operates 24/7
  • Proven Franchise Model
  • Exclusive Patents
  • Consumer Loyalty